We build and remediate assets for your long term gain

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, and on how well it complements the practical experience we have gained, when working on either a large or small specialised project. Partnering with selected designers and product manufacturers, we offer a full design and construct service.

What We Do

Structural Remediation

Structural defects are a common occurrence that can be caused by a number of factors.

Understanding these factors help provide a sustainable solution that can reinstate or even improve the structures original integrity. Our engineering capability, coupled with years of experience and excellent product knowledge enable us to provide you with a solution that has a triple bottom line approach.

What We Do


Water containment and restriction is a common problem.

At Dynaciv we have the qualifications and capability to apply various membranes that suit the application. Whether it be epoxy, polyurethane, bituminous, or polyurea we can make the right suggestion for your project.

What We Do

Protective Coatings

Our senior staff have over 40 years’ experience in protective coatings.

Working in all different types of environments , even internationally, we can offer you the right protection for your asset. Dynaciv is not bound to any product manufacture and have a great knowledge of coatings and aviable products.

What We Do

Structural Strengthening

Being similar to structural remediation, structural strengthening refers to the design and construction of a system that not only repairs the structure but adds a new element of strengthening.

This type of strengthening can include, section enlargement, inclusion of composites (such as carbon FRP), bonded steel elements, span shortening and external post-tensioning. Most of all, we aim to do what right for you, our staff and the environment.

What We Do

Underwater Pile Remediation

Pile remediation is a main part of our strengths.

Dynaciv has partnered large organisations such as Rio Tinto Alcan and Queensland Rail to design and implement remedial systems to improve the integrity of their valuable assets.

Our Work

Project Sheets

The case studies you see here are just some examples of what our highly trained staff are capable of. Each of these projects have been successful, not only because of the experience each company has brought with them, but also because of the high standard of professionalism shown by the companies we have partnered with.

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We aim to meet or exceed Internal and External Customer Expectations by providing superior Workmanship and Services.

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