Wheeled Loader Scales – Local Service Option for QLD Businesses

Wheeled Loader Scales - Local Service Option for QLD Businesses

Australian made wheeled loader onboard weighing solutions with a real state-wide service network

Queensland extraction and logistics operators; Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia (SWIA) is pleased to welcome the Compuload range to our product portfolio.

Whether you’re loading a truck and depend on accurate accumulative measurement for Chain of responsibility, or you’re contract crushing and billing your client in a Legal for trade application, Compuload and SWIA have you covered.

This agency is not something we at SWIA have take on lightly! We only align our business with products that represent our own quality and performance standards and that we are fully equip to support. We offer a cost effective and comprehensive option with regionally local service teams, calibration assets and part stocks for the Compuload range.

Our teams are also proficient in calibrations to other brands, including the verification of legal for trade systems.

The Compuload products dominate the southern state markets, in particular NSW, for good reason – Performance and price point!

We encourage you to ask for Compuload if you are purchasing new machines. Our team can install, calibrate and verify for trade if needed, at the OEM, so when your new machine arrives you are fully compliant for the application. With the added value of local support by our professional teams, this is a winning solution that won’t break the bank.

The entire Compuload product range is quite extensive so if you have a mobile material handling or pressurized weighing application there will be a product that will fit the bill.


Atlas Weighing - Compuload 4000 Scale


Compuload 4000 series – NMI APPROVED FOR TRADE




Atlas Weighing - Compuload 5000 Scale


Compuload 5000 series







Compuload 6000 series – NMI APPROVAL PENDING